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Food Philosophy 

We believe the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is eating a diet consisting of real, nutrient-dense food.  This means eating local, seasonal produce and proteins mindfully sourced from reliable partners. It also means avoiding refined sugar, GMOs, canola oil and other industrial vegetable and seed oils.  


Our Story


As we entered our early professional careers, we often found it difficult to get quick dining options that wouldn’t result in an afternoon brain fog.  Our curiosity led us on a journey to better understand the connection between what we ate and how we felt.  After months of research on all things nutrition, we came to believe in the importance of eating a diet consisting of real, nutrient-dense foods as the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. 

We began to pay closer attention to ingredients and started asking questions of the restaurants we frequented.  Many times we found their answers didn’t cut muster.  We knew there had to be a better way so we set out to create a place where you can feel confident the food you eat is made with care. We hope you enjoy!

- Matt & Connor

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